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Ayrshire Food from Ayrshire Folk


Our Mission

The stated mission of the organisation is –

“To provide facilities and services that will improve the community of Crossroads and district and enhance the lives of the people who live there. To create a dynamic hub of activity where community support, social enterprise businesses and training can be delivered and cultural activities can flourish in a place that will inspire residents and improve health, well-being, employability, aspiration and community cohesion.”

Our Aims:

  • Improve the quality of life for local people and contribute to creating a sustainable rural community
  • Support and promote life-long educational opportunities
  • Support and promote all aspects of health and well-being, recreation and social integration
  • Increase environmental sustainability through re-localisation activities
  • Maintain, improve or provide community facilities and public amenities
  • Develop and promote initiatives with other communities, organisations and for individuals in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the pursuance of the above aims and to foster national and international networks of support and shared knowledge

Our Vision

The vision of the organisation is to turn this area into a vibrant, economically viable community where the inclusion of its residents is a key factor and local food is the central focus. At the heart of the project is the Crossroads Community Hub building a unique, dynamic purpose-built facility on the now derelict site of the former primary school. The concept is to create a robust sustainable building on this rurally isolated derelict site. The premises and the land will be wholly owned by the group which itself is entirely community controlled.


Our Group

The project is run by an active board, all local people, who built our membership from a handful to around 100, enlisting the help of over 40 volunteers, establishing partnerships and links with 35 potential suppliers and 20 organisations who will provide services to Crossroads Community Hub.


Board Members:

Stuart Lyon (Chairman)

Mary Laidlaw (Secretary) an experienced manager and business owner, registered dietitian, experience in teaching with knowledge of nutrition, diet resources, health and well-being.

Position vacant (Treasurer)

Jennifer Smith, interior designer, who brings experience of design and build in both UK and USA.

Willie Campbell who brings business development, financial management and sound business acumen, agricultural business experience.

Mary Drummond an experienced fundraiser with training and management experience in the catering and retail industry.

Dorothy Shaw

Robert Shaw

Councillor Alyson Simmons, as representative of East Ayrshire Council.